As Summer starts to come to an end, we can not help but think about the upcoming holiday season. Especially if you’re a company, it is important to start thinking about the seasonal gifts that you have to start sending for either your employees, their families, to your partners, or to other companies that you do business with. Stand out from your competitors and stray away from generic gifts this season.

Corporate gifting has a direct impact on employee retention as it builds a cohesive and high morale environment in the workplace. Providing custom baskets to employees shows your employees that they are valued. This type of internal company gifting keeps your employees interested, enticed, and motivated to work harder for your business. These internal gifts are also used as an onboarding tactic for welcoming a new employee on their first day. The best and most effective baskets are customizable. Branded gifts make a big impact and even a mug with a logo on it will go a long way.

The Office Share Basket

At & we have unique baskets that are precompiled with all of our favourite treats.
All the seasonal favourites in one festive basket! Packed with minty Lindor chocolate, caramel maple chews, milk English toffee, premium minibars and more, this basket is pure decadence!

The selection is huge, visit the websites for more!

Corporate gifts are also great to send to recognize an employee for their achievements and performance. There is no feeling like the feeling of being appreciated. These gifts will keep your employees feeling satisfied and happy about their jobs. Studies have shown that appreciation gifts within the workplace lead to higher productivity. Invest in your employees for high retention and motivation. When your employees are motivated they provide you with higher quality work and at the end of the day that makes you happy. Invest in your happiness. These appreciation gifts are also highly effective for business partners, friends, or anyone that you want to go the extra mile for.

The Men Everywhere Basket

If you really know your employees check out our completely customizable baskets and fill them up with personalized treats!
Show them how much you care! This basket is a 10-piece travel bag complete with all the grooming essentials: Nail Clippers, Grooming Scissors, Tweezers, a Razor, Comb and more. We’ve then added high-end Proraso shaving cream and soap, as well as a natural bristle brush and a moustache grooming kit. Callaway golf balls and tees round out this basket making it the perfect gift for him!

Check out our Men Everywhere basket, any golf loving fellow would be ecstatic to receive this package.

Flowers make a very symbolic corporate gift as different kind of flowers represent different meanings when gifted. Avoid sending roses and white lilies as they represent romance and sympathy. Flowers are usually sent out for appreciation and thank yous. They’re the perfect gift as flowers will never fail to make someone’s day it is sure to make an impact on a someone who you’re doing business. The benefits of gifting flowers corporately are extensive. First of all, they don’t have to be personalized as any selected bouquet will be beautiful. It just depends on how extravagant you want to be to get the message across. For example, purchasing an extra large bouquet vs a small one with only a few blooms. Having a potted plant in the office not only improves the physical environment but it also helps you mentally de-stress your mind when things get busy. By gifting a potted plant your business partner can only appreciate you more!


The Secret Garden Basket

Flowers Canada has the perfect corporate bouquet that helps you say all that you need to say. A round wicker flower basket holds five unique potted plant varieties: maidenhair fern, Boston fern, pink kalanchoe, pink hypoestes and green nephthytis.

At Flowers Canada, all of our corporate gifts can all be delivered. Introducing the “Cookie Card”, which is a new way to make someone feel extra special! These cute little treats are packaged in a square box that is customizable for any occasion. The Cookie Card is the perfect gift for birthdays, invitations, Christmas cards, thank yous and so many other occasions! They are a great way for companies to remember employee birthdays, all you have to do is upload a list of the names and dates on our customized management tool and leave the rest to us. Sending a card has never been so easy! The Cookie Card is 100% customizable, from the box to the cookie, to the message, everything can be personalized. These edible cards start at $8.99 and for that affordable price, you have a wonderful little gift that is deliverable across Canada. Skip out on a generic paper card and send a Cookie Card today! From fresh flower bouquets to personalized baskets, to customized cookie cards, all you have to do is order it through our online checkout system and you’re done. It is that easy. Set a date and forget it. We’ll make sure it gets to them at the right time.


The Cookie Card

Sometimes huge appreciation comes in tiny packages. Flowers Canada is making it easy to express yourself… with cookies! Whether you’re offering a gesture of appreciation or wishing someone the happiest of birthdays, Cookie Cards are a thoughtful and sweet gift (literally)!

Ideal for businesses, the Cookie Card is a cost-effective way to break the ice and start a conversation with a potential customer, thank a client for their business or an employee for a job well done. On a more personal note, they’re a perfect pick-me-up for a friend who’s having a rough week.

For more info click here: The Cookie Card

Whichever gift you decide to give to your employees and business partners this holiday season Flowers Canada has you covered! The options are unlimited!