Breast cancer has become a leading cause of death in women in Canada. It is also the most common cancer among women all around the world with approximately 1.67 million cases that were diagnosed in 2012. It was estimated by Globocan that there are around 522,000 women worldwide that were affected and passed due to breast cancer in 2012 alone. Surprisingly breast cancer is found to be the most commonly diagnosed disease among women in Canada. Statistics from The Canadian Cancer Society states that 25,700 women in Canada were diagnosed with cancer in 2016. These numbers are substantial. Although 50-69 is the age where the rate of breast cancer diagnoses is the highest that doesn’t mean that younger women are safe from this disease, around 35% of breast cancer was diagnosed in women under the age of 50.


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The Importance of Breast Cancer awareness:

Awareness is the first step to break the stigma and we must communicate and support those affected so that they don’t feel alone. Most people don’t like to talk about this issue. Breast cancer is dangerous but can be prevented and treated. But with the population lacking knowledge about the issue there isn’t enough funding and research for treatment. We need to stand together as a society and encourage people to talk about breast cancer.

How should you participate in this movement?

  • Learn more about breast cancer yourself
  • Tell others about what breast cancer is and what happens if it goes untreated
  • Learn symptoms and how you can diagnose it
  • Give support to anyone that is affected
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What Actually is Breast Cancer?

So what exactly it is? Breast cancer begins when the cells that are currently present in your breast starts to grow out of control. These cells then turn into a tumour which can feel like a lump or it can be seen on an x-ray. A tumour becomes cancer if the cells have the capacity to metastasize (spread) to different areas of your body or if they invade (grow into) the surrounding tissues. This cancer can grow in men too but it is very rare.

There are different parts in the breasts from which breast cancer can start. There are two common areas where breast cancer can form. Most of the breast cancers start from the ducts. Ducts are used to transfer milk to the nipple and when those areas are infected it is called ductal cancer. Some breast cancer also begins in the glands, that is called lobular cancer. These glands are the areas where breast milk is made. 

A very important thing to understand is that most of the lumps in your breast are just benign and not actual cancer. These breast tumours are non-cancerous abnormal growths and they aren’t dangerous. These benign tumours do not spread outside of the breast area either. But at the same time, some of these benign lumps can lead to breast cancers in females. Breast lumps should be checked by a doctor or health care professional to confirm that whether it’s malignant or benign.

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How Can We Play a Role?

The topic of awareness and being informed surrounds breast cancer awareness But it doesn’t mean that we just sit around and tell others to spread the word. It is our duty to become a part of the movement and do whatever we can. As a human being, seeking knowledge and spreading it to others is our nature. Now the question arises; how can we play a role in all this? First of all, we have to gather as much information as we can from various sources. Different articles and research papers from authentic sources will help us in this matter. Communicating with surgical oncologists and asking them queries can enhance our knowledge.

After you have gathered all your information, the most important and difficult task comes that is to convey it in a manner which would be helpful for all women. Educational campaigns can be conducted online or offline and we can remind women to get their yearly examinations on time. Most women are unaware, and they should be reminded and motivated to read and talk about breast cancer because it is an important issue. We can do our best by being informed and informing others.

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Flowers Canada’s “Pink October” Campaign:

We care about our customers as Canada’s leading florist it is our duty to support issues in Canada. October is considered to be “Breast Awareness Month” all around the world and “Pink October” is our campaign to spread awareness. As a woman is it a painful thing to go through breast cancer, the thought of losing your breasts and the procedures to treat a tumour is terrible. We need to support one another the best we can. Since we are currently in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Flowers Canada has created a section tab of a collection of all their pink inspired bouquets. The goal is to spread knowledge about this issue to as many women as possible by launching a beautiful pink bouquet collection dedicated to breast cancer awareness. 

Show your support this year by bringing a smile to someone you know who has been affected by breast cancer. It will mean more to them than you would know!

As Canada’s premier florist, along with our supporters, we are participating through campaigning, events and, of course, going pink with all of you!

This Pink October spread awareness – show your support to the cause by going all pink!