What they say is true, “Flowers can help one decipher love’s unspoken meanings”. We often overlook a flower’s power to express our feelings to our loved ones. Surprisingly, a flower can speak a thousand words and interestingly so, they can do all this on your behalf!
In a survey, it was found that 95% of women love to receive flowers, yet only 49% of men regularly give flowers to their partner. Come on lads let’s give the women what they want!
Next time you give the gift of flowers, take a moment to consider their meaning before you buy. The species of flower that you choose can be just as tailored and personal as any message on a speciality card.

Choosing a Romantic Flower

For those of you who have decided to gift a flower to your special someone, it is also essential to pay attention to the symbolic message that you are implying when you are sending a specific type of flower. We know it is a lot of work to determine the perfect romantic bloom. First, you have to decide what kind of flower you want to gift your loved one. Does she have a preference? If she doesn’t then we made it easy for you to gift flowers that will make her fall in love with you. We have compiled a list of most romantic flowers for you!


Of course, the classic Rose is at very the top of our list. The rose on any given list would be #1 no question about it. There are no other flower types that will overstand the Rose as one of the most romantic flowers on the earth. When you stare deeply into a rose there is a whirlwind of emotion. Not only are Roses beautiful but the Rose also symbolizes love, desire, passion and happiness. The deep red colour gives off a passionate love and lusty feeling that no other flower can replicate.  This flower is the perfect flower for anniversary milestones. Roses are the most popular and beloved flower of all flower types and are largely given on Valentines Day. You can never go wrong by giving red roses to your loved ones.

Red Rose Bouquet

Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Arranged with seeded eucalyptus, this bouquet is a gift to her heart from yours.
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The beautiful and intricate looking Orchid flower is a symbol of charm and refinement. The family of Orchids has over 25,000 species and every different kind of orchid holds varying underlying meanings. Orchids are known to symbolize seduction. If you have a lusty desire to be with the person that you are gifting the Orchid to then maybe this flower would be the best choice! Orchids are also easy to care for as they are potted and only need water once a week. The orchid is also a continual bloom meaning that they will bloom season after season. This long-lasting flower is very representational of long last love. “You and me baby, it’s a forever kind of thing.”

Exotic Breeze

This fresh and fun arrangement is sure to bring smiles to anyone in its way! Gorgeous and exotic, this bouquet of dendrobium orchids makes a great gift for many celebrations!
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Tulip is also a great gift choice to express your love. It is a perfect present for your sweet valentine and has an elegant look. The sleek tidiness of the petals with sexy crevasses makes a great flower for anyone to receive. But, the Tulip also symbolizes innocence and the purity of young love. Gifting this delightful flower to a new love interest is the most appropriate. The Tulip comes in over 100 species and they originate from Central Asia. The tulip is planted all over the world as they are also symbolic of the springtime.

Burst Of Pink Tulips

This gorgeous Burst Of Pink Tulips bouquet is the perfect gift for any occasion.
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Carnation is a flower which represents fascination and admiration and is considered one of the worlds oldest flower. Carnations were one of the first flowers to be named and registered as a species. It is said that they were around for longer than any other species as well. There is a reason why they are so beautiful, this line of flowers has ages to perfect it’s stem and petals as this species is pretty much ancient. If you are looking for a long lasting flower, the Carnation should be your first choice. This romantic flower is great to gift to your lifelong companion as it symbolizes your long relationship with one another.

Expressions of Pink

Express your feelings perfectly with this pretty pink bouquet. Suitable for any occasion, this bouquet is full of stunning roses, lilies, carnations and more. Lilies may arrive in bud form and will open to fully within 2-3 days. Same day local florist delivery available.
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Lillies are known for its bold and delightful scent. Have you ever left a bouquet on your kitchen table then later that day walk in and be hit with a scent wave of floral perfection? That will happen when you buy Lilies. Who needs Frebreeze anymore when you can scent up your living space naturally. Lilies represent tenderness and care. While most of its meaning depends on the colour you are choosing, it broadly signifies purity, innocence and sympathy. If you’re a frequent flower gifter, switch up the roses and buy her Lilies!

Spring Peruvian Lilies

Celebrate the beauty of Spring with this colourful bouquet! You will be sure to deliver smiles with these vibrant pink, yellow and white Peruvian lilies.
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Apart from the flower type itself, the different colours of flowers have different connotations as well. For example, white flowers sometimes are more suitable for sympathetic occasions and red flowers are great to gift to someone that you have a romantic relationship with. Red flowers represent desire and admiration whereas yellow flowers represent friendship. So if you gift your significant other yellow roses, even if you’re gifting a romantic flower you are not sending the correct message.

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