Leaves are falling and Autumn is calling. As long hot summer days start to conclude, the days get shorter and autumn brings its own beauty with warm colours and rich hues covering the landscape. Autumn’s charm brings many different types of people outside including photographers, poets, and nature hikers as everyone enjoys the beautiful colours, breezes, and smells that come along with the Autumn season.


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The beauty of autumn is especially appealing because of the fall flowers, trees, other plantation and their colour combination with the environment around them. The best way to welcome autumn is to bring home autumn decorations and colourful flower arrangement to decorate your home. Some popular ways to decorate your home with warm fall colours are fall centrepieces for the dinner table, fall wreaths for your door-step, and potted plants for your beautifully architected porch. Transforming your home into an Autumn paradise brings you feelings of tranquillity and warmth. All the more reasons to decorate with seasonal flowers.


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Flowers Canada has impeccable taste and experience when it comes to autumn bouquets we have been serving Canadians for over 18 years. You can pick and choose the perfect autumn bouquet from our autumn flower collection online and it can be delivered straight to your door. If you’re looking to learn a little more about autumn flowers and plantation we have compiled a list which can help you decide what flowers to decorate your home with this Fall!


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Lillies are dainty, elegant, but beautiful. They can fill up any living space with a natural scent. While portraying innocence these flowers come in various colours and can make your living room tastefully decorated. Orange Lilies add such a gorgeous pop of colour to bring Autumn to your home.

Send your best wishes to someone special with this vibrant bouquet of beautiful autumn lilies. Stunning Asiatic lilies are paired with exotic Peruvian lilies, making this bouquet the perfect gift for any occasion.



The blue marbled beauty of the bulged Crocus flower complement the red and yellow hues of fall, making a carpet all over the terrain in autumn. This beautiful flower is known as the jewel of autumn because of it’s the beautiful contrast to the fall landscape. The Crocus does do not require a lot of water and needs to be protected from heavy rain if you want to really grow well. By bringing inside a Crocus plant you can enjoy the jewel of Autumn while letting the flower grow to be the best flower it can be.


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The most beautiful flower of them all, the Rose, an expression of love can make your rooms look stunning. Decorating your house with the Rose can bring warmth to one’s living space without you trying anything else. It can transcend your living room or bedroom to a paradise that you will love to spend time in.

Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Arranged with seeded eucalyptus, this bouquet is a gift to her heart from yours.


The soft petals of a Dahlia are a gift for the autumn lovers who want to have something unique in their gardens. They are tuberous plants that start showing the signs of the floral growth in summers but it is in full spring when the autumn is here. Dahlia flowers come in a wide variety of colours and they also come in in a myriad of sizes. The punchy and vibrant colours of the orange Dahlias can add an amazing pop of colour to brighten up any fall bouquet.


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Purple lavenders pair well with pink and blue flowers, they can add a cool touch into your bedroom with their deep sensual colours. Their fresh fragrance and beautiful blooms can make any room look complete. Although lavenders do not come in fall colours the scent is perfect for the fall season. There is a reason why people like using lavender-scented laundry detergent for their fall sweaters, the smell simply accompanies the fall season. This is why the Lavender flower makes our fall list!

Lavender Dreams

This lovely lavender bouquet filled with gorgeous roses, daisy poms, alstroemeria and more is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


The delicate Nerine bloom gives life to the Autumn season. The beautiful pink buds growing among the autumn leaves add additional colours and textures to the dry autumn leaves that have started to fall from the trees. These flowers look small and fragile but they are simply exquisite blooms.


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The Orchid is a fan favourite among all the blooms. They make the perfect interior decorative flowers because they are potted plants. All you need to do is give it a little love and some water and the Orchid will keep blooming for years to come. The Orchid comes in a few different variations of colours but the most popular orchid colour is purple.

This exotic Phalaenopsis orchid makes a stylish gift for any occasion! From birthdays to anniversaries, your friend or loved one will enjoy this lasting gift!



The Sternbergia is blooming yellow wonder. This flower is similar to the crocus except the petals are just a little longer. It is the most planted bulb flower as they add such a lovely pop of colour to a garden. Sternbergias are also easy to care for, if they are planted in a thriving environment they can spread and multiply very rapidly.


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Chrysanthemums or Mums are one of the most popular blooms to find in the fall, they are so versatile as you can decorate virtually anywhere with a lovely Chrysanthemum bouquet. Some suggested decoration g your dining table, porch or patio Mums goes well with all the places.

A beautifully potted mum perfect for Thanksgiving, fall or Halloween.


The firey red begonia is another flower that made our Fall list. It is so difficult to miss the beauty of the Begonia as they open up so beautifully. These tuberous flowers are great for adding colours to the shady areas like underneath trees. The first round of blooms appears in summer, and they thrive through the early autumn and then continue their life throughout late autumn. They look great planted outside windows or in hanging baskets in the front or back of your house. The white Begonias represent snowdrop flowers of the autumn. They tell you that a white winter is nearby.


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Enjoy fall while it lasts because just before you know it the trees will become bare and the ground will be covered with white blankets.

Take some time while you still can to enjoy the colours that fall brings you!

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