So you are hosting your family for a holiday feast next week and you are also hosting friends on new years – a full week later. How do you make your holiday décor last?

With flowers, it’s a bit tricky because you may be unsure about how long your blooms will look fresh. I bet you would be more likely to invest in a fresh holiday arrangement if you had a bit more peace of mind about what you were getting. With a few tips, you can ask your florist for certain types of flowers that are sure to last the longest. Here is what to ask for:

  1. Hardy greens. The great thing about winter is the abundance of hardy greenery like fir branches, cedar branches, eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, and pine. The scents of evergreens in a winter arrangement really remind some of the holidays. For the most part, your florist will be using these greens already, but be sure to ask, just so you feel more secure about your purchase and its longevity.


2. Hardy flowers: Mums, roses, and hypericum berries are a few pictured here. Other flowers you can ask for that last long are amaryllis and carnations. This time of year they are widely used by in holiday arrangements, however ask for them anyway.








3. Bling. We all put sparkly ornaments and bows on our wreaths, and Christmas trees…so why NOT our holiday arrangements? Be sure to ask your florist to insert these for an extra festive touch…and you can even re-use them next year too! Insert photos of the holiday arrangements.



So, although you’ve got a long list of things to prepare for: like who to buy gifts for, what food to prepare, and what drinks to serve, hopefully, you will now add “buy a holiday fresh flower centrepiece” to your list and check it off with confidence! Remember, it’s the details that count. People notice flowers and like to converse over them. Don’t overlook this holiday detail any longer.