You can say a lot of things with flowers. Fresh blooms are a great way of saying congratulations, thank you or I love you. Whatever the occasion, flowers are a thoughtful way to tell people you’re thinking about them – which means when your blooms are shipped out, you want to make sure your thoughtful gesture is well-received.

Here are six things to consider when sending flowers.

  1. Where are you sending the flowers?

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First and foremost, ensure that you have the correct address of your recipient! Next, find out where they are likely to be the day of delivery. If it’s a weekday, chances are they’ll be at the office. Find out their work address and make a quick call to the building to see if flowers can and will be accepted.


If you’re sending flowers to a home address, make sure to have all the buzzer numbers and permission from the concierge to leave it at the front desk if they aren’t home.

  1. Why are you sending flowers?

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If you are sending the flowers to celebrate or mark a specific occasion, make sure the bouquet coincides with the event. Birthday arrangements will differ in tone than sympathy and so forth.

  1. What is the bouquet like?

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Be sure to choose an appropriate size, scent and structure so the recipient has room for the blooms in their workplace or home!

  1. What are you sending the flowers in?

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If you’re sending the arrangement to a workplace, inquire with the florist about easily transportable containers. This ensures that if the recipient receives the flowers at the office, the arrangement can be easily taken home.

  1. Have you considered the delivery cost?

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When you’re browsing online, it’s important to remember that prices do not reflect taxes or delivery costs. Speak to the florist about their zones and cost of delivery to ensure there are no surprise charges!

  1. Where are you ordering your flowers from?

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When you’re ordering your arrangement online, be sure to do your search. Look for a reputable company that has a website but multiple social media accounts to prove they are a real company. Reading online reviews and testimonials is another way to ensure great service and customer satisfaction.

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