About Us

Flowers Canada is one of the leaders and innovators in the floral retail sector. The company started as an idea that turned into a passion that revolutionized the floral industry. Flowers Canada was founded 10 years ago, with humble beginnings, delivering flowers locally. As time went on, Flowers Canada flourished and became not only Canada’s most trusted florist, but also the go to florists for customers around the world. Today, Flowers Canada positions itself in the floral retail market, serving over 150,000 satisfied customers, and still growing. With an in-house marketing, IT, and web development teams, we have the knowledge to go above and beyond your company’s needs and expectations.

  • IT / WEB Development
  • Marketing
  • Large Retail Sales
  • Everyday Retail
  • Research and Development

Flowers Canada currently processes over 40,000 orders yearly with less than one percent complaint ratio, we strive to meet and surpass the needs of all our customers. We are the holder of three patent pending inventions that have and will revolutionize the floral industry by allowing us to ship flowers across Canada from a central location and get them to the recipients location next day anywhere in Canada. Flowers Canada currently has one of the strongest web presence in the floral business, and continues to grow across the web via social media.